Sunday, November 4, 2012

Road trip wrap-up

After a few days with my family in my home state, I hight-tailed it home with extra fuel to ensure I could outrun the radius of the #njgas crisis.

Note to self: never carry a gas can in this manner again.

I got to test two new goodies this trip - the SLS bags by and a heated base layer I picked up from I'll be sure to follow up with a mini review of each.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

#Sandy lingers...

I was planning a trip to NJ, but Sandy got in the way. No matter, I'm flexible - so I waited for it to pass, the forecast gave me a green light, and I shot up 15 and 78.

Crossed the PA/NJ border, and it was gas-up time. The first exit I took had a long line at the gas station. The 2nd exit had dead traffic signals, a gas station that was being looted, and an even longer line at the one gas station that appeared to have gas.

No thanks to modern cars and their unsiphonable gas tanks, my Dad and a kind NJ native got my bike enough go-juice to finish the trip. Now to fill the tank for my return...