Thursday, March 27, 2008

To modify, or not to modify...

I remember after my first track day with a Triumph Thunderbird about a year ago. Sure, it exemplified, for me anyway, that you learn more after your 1st track day than you learn in a year of street riding. But I also thought I learned my TBird's ground clearance wasn't good enough, so I began chasing down foot peg and exhaust modifications to keep them from touching the track. After a lot of money and time, I learned that my problems were really due to my riding skills and the fact that I was using a motorcycle that would never really be meant for the track.

So my modifications were fruitless.

Then I swapped the TBird for a 1st gen SV650. The supposed niceties of the SV I bought included an already-installed GSXR rear shock, and clip-on risers. Guess what? I recently installed a stock rear shock from Ebay and I'm currently installing stock clip-ons. Why? The GSXR shock was way too stiff to get any rear wheel feedback, and the front brake lever would compress fully against the front fairing before the handlebars lock when turned to the left.

So I'm spending my time undoing modifications instead of riding.

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