Monday, December 1, 2008

It gets better every time!

Every track day is more fun than the last one - this is definitely something I need to do more than 3 times a year...

WAYcold on November 23rd, we found ourselves warming up to the tune of high-revs in the paddock at Carolina Motorsports Park. An unseasonably cold weekend had us doing our first session in thirty-some-odd degrees, but the fun-factor did not suffer!

I spent most of the day working on form, as my inside foot touched-down first at my last 2 track days this year. I wanted to be sure that, if I carved the corners hard enough, my knee would be the first thing to feel the track. Unfortunately track day number five goes to the archive and my knee pucks still look brandy new. Oh well - maybe next time.

On the upside, I had a wicked-cool track coach that was nice enough to tail me for an entire session - with a video camera! Watching yourself in third person is an amazing learning experience. The ability to critique with all distractions and fear removed - amazing! I've come to two major conclusions after watching this video. Number one, I turn in and apex way too early on a lot of corners. Number two, I have a world of throttle to go before I get dangerous, so it's time to apply some aggression (<--Mike's terminology).


Technical assessments aside, it's always a good time meeting the motorcycle experts for a weekend of action :)


tmitchell said...

Minkus! How am I just now finding out about this new blog? (I found it via your Skype profile, which you haven't logged into in quite some tim)

Anyhoo, very cool posts so far, and now you're in my RSS queue so I'll keep updated. The bug is starting to bite me so we'll see what the new year holds...

Walk_n_wind said...

On your RSS queue? I'm honored. Let me be selfish and say I hope that bug bites hard! The more the merrier.