Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hungry For Throttle

That's the way I like to sum up my first track experience of 2009. Easter weekend this year found us at Summit Point's Shenandoah circuit for back-to-back track days with Team ProMotion.

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It rained, uninterrupted, from the time we got up early Saturday morning until after lunch, which made for some slow laps around the track. Megan always says, "better to rain at the beginning than at the end." That's for sure, because I ended up spending the first half of Saturday getting my race line just right. So when things dried-up late in the afternoon, confidence was high.

Day one ended with boiled hot dogs, coffee, and way-cold temperatures for mid-April (down in the 30's). We woke up Sunday morning to the light ridicule of our RV-equipped neighbors. You know, the ones who had heat all night!


But this was where the back-to-back track days payed-off. I hit the ground running Sunday morning with the track fresh in mind. By the third session, I was hungry for throttle. Where for most of Saturday, it was...

  1. slow down

  2. lean-off

  3. turn

  4. apex

  5. exit

  6. apply throttle

...by mid-day Sunday, it was...

  1. slow down

  2. lean-off

  3. apply throttle

  4. turn

  5. apex

  6. ROLL ON

  7. exit


Gradually arriving at the latter order of operations allowed me to maintain the smooth as the aggression set in. It was awesome. Thanks to Megan for shooting!

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