Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Whirlwind Tour of Virginia

So I'm wrapping up my preparation for the Redwing 19 ride - tapping all resources to maximize comfort and stamina for a 1000 miles of vertical motorcycling at highway speeds.


I had the pleasure of borrowing Paraag's windshield! We worked outside his apartment in the pouring rain to remove this from his unique 1981 Yamaha Special 400. While I appreciate the offer immensely, it proved not so compatible. The shield fit the SV quite well, but my head was too far above the top of the windshield. So all the deflected wind ran over and around my helmet. At 40 MPH it sounded like I was going 70 MPH. Too loud!

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I'm predicting lots of miles with little variation. There will be much more to say after the event, so I'll just let the route soak in...


Michael said...

the wind issue is a common problem when you have to do lots of miles on a highway. I have seen people get good results using something like this when it comes to long distance, straight line touring. :)


Walk_n_wind said...

A funny guy, eh? :)