Wednesday, March 10, 2010

If you don't need it...

...then get rid of it! I decided to operate under that principle when I recently had to replace the rear windshield wiper blade on our Honda Element.

After cleaning off the car countless times during this brutal winter, we discovered that the rear wiper was swinging some loose rubber around. To avoid leaving gashes in our rear glass, we stopped using it until I made it to AutoZone to pickup a replacement.

Long story short, the rear wiper blade on the Element is atypical. None of the commonly-available wiper blades can attach to the rear arm. Sure, you can buy a replacement blade or insert through the right outlets (particularly the Honda dealer), but those places don’t fall within my network of oft-traveled roads.


Do we need the rear wiper?

I said, “hell no.” Megan shook her head in the negative. So now the rear wiper motor is in the basement, along with it’s stupid one-of-a-kind arm and the pathetic, damaged wiper blade.

In its place is a faucet plug (typically used to blank-out unused holes in sinks), which came as a recommendation from a thread at the EOC:


So next time you have to replace something that’s not easily attainable - piece of trim, tire valve cap, clutch master cylinder, who knows - ask yourself: Do you need it?


Mycroft1855 said...

the only question now is what are you going to use the power that went to the wiper for now? you've got a dedicated set of controls for it on your steering wheel. Perhaps a chase camera control? Or neon "Eat at Joe's" sign? Or the go for the Bond option with the oil slick drop. The options are limitless.

Walk_n_wind said...

:) I like cut of ^this guy's jib!

Mycroft1855 said...

Holy crap, my jib is showing? Why didn't anyone tell me.