Thursday, October 14, 2010


I found an e-mail in my inbox one evening - something to the tune of:

Mycroft has subscribed to your YouTube channel

My what? I have a YouTube account? More alarming, I have my own channel?! I had two natural reactions to this event...

  1. I must reciprocate - chances are this Mycroft has a channel as well.

  2. Holy crap, I need to get a video up there - my surprise channel has nothing to watch!

So that night I decided I was going to record my morning routine starting with my 6:30am alarm.


Mycroft1855 said...

You should have spliced in some footage from one of your track days to impress people. You know, some full lean clips. Also don't think I didn't notice you didn't shower. More of a cologne man?

Walk_n_wind said...

Ha! I showered - that section of video didn't make the cut :)