Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I want to get excited...

...about the Progressive International Motorcycle Show coming to DC next month, but it's nearly impossible. Why? Well, for starters, the very same show in Long Beach, CA is so significant that it warrants its own article at But if last year was any gauge, Washingtonians get a watered-down version of the show. Avi and I went on Friday last year and it was a pretty weak experience.


Off the top of my head, here's why the event sucks:

  1. It's winter.

  2. We have to pay? Are you kidding? It's an advertisement fest.

  3. None of the reps seemed all that interested in talking it up.

It's pretty awesome to have a motorcycle show land near your door. But give us a good reason to go! I mean seriously, I'm seeing pix of Keith Code's gadgetry on that review of the Long Beach show. Nicky Hayden, Ben Spies - any chance they're gonna make it out to the Washington Convention Center next month? I have my doubts...

I think the video from the International Motorcycle Show's website sums it up:


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