Thursday, April 14, 2011

Flash Ride

Caribou Coffee @ Fairfax Corner, 1:30pm

Spontaneity is the key. I want a reason to ride that doesn't come solely from my own motivation to get on the bike with no destination in mind. I want a social aspect to motorcycling, but I don't want to plan anything. Accommodating everyone is a pain.

Flash Ride is the answer.

  1. Broadcast the ride (time, location).

  2. Show up.

Anyone on the wire will see your ride. If they're in, they'll show up. You don't have to ask anyone; you don't have to wait for their responses. It's so damn efficient, itn't it?

I've had this idea in my head for quite some time now. This is a new take on getting together to ride, but you do the riding alone. You pick your own route, you don't have to keep up with anyone, and you get to talk it up over coffee when you get to the destination. What you do from there is up to you, but the game is being there on time. There's a silent accountability you develop if you show up, if you're a regular, if you are always the 1st one there, etc. Or maybe you're that guy that broadcasts a ride and doesn't show up.

It's an alternative that's quicker and easier than gathering everyone at a meeting place, and then riding together. In the classic approach to a "ride," you get a mix of skill levels and when the group breaks up you're stuck playing traffic control. Time to spend less time in the rear view and more time safely reaching a destination.

And back to the keyword: spontaneity. Are you broadcasting a ride with a time of 1 hour from now? Or 6? It's all on the table.

You dig? I dig - getting this going on a website (or even just an e-mail list) is still on my to-do list...


swiper said...

Pretty sweet idea~ terrible notice though. lemme know how the turnout works

Walk_n_wind said...

I actually was just giving an example, not broadcasting a ride. But it's funny, you and your sister had the same exact reaction :)