Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh how versatile...


Today was the 2nd time I transported a 19" LCD monitor on the Ess Vee, so I decided to take a few pix.


An achievement worth writing home about? Maybe not. But it reminds me how far motorcycle luggage can go. I'm always impressed with what I can fit in these Pelican 1550s, and now I've added computer displays to the list.


A little extra effort and these high performance 2-wheelers can increase fun, save on gas money and provide the flexibility to carry cargo.


NoName Lake said...

I like your blog setup. Nice background. My (motor-assist) bike can carry up to 20 lbs max, according to Jim because the way he mounted the rack with clamps instead of with screws directly to the frame. But I hear you Joey, driving sucks. Riding a bike (with or without a motor) is so much more fun.

Walk_n_wind said...

Let's see some pix of your new transportation!