Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Have you ever wanted a social networking website focused solely on capturing your vehicle's fuel efficiency? Really? Me too! Alas, Fuelly delivers.

I'm not sure how long Fuelly's been around, but I registered yesterday and I dig it.  Your account is your garage and you get to add vehicles to it.  Name your vehicles, give them a picture, get your automotive image in place, etc.  And then - we get to the data!


While I haven't recorded too many fuel-ups with my ZX over the years, I had about 130 fuel-ups in a Google Spreadsheet for our Honda Element.


Did I have to retype all that to get it into Fuelly? Nope! They have a csv import feature - I just modified the names of the columns in my spreadsheet and voila!

Is this nerdy? Yes. Is it cool? Yes. Is it necessary?



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