Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Riding with a Touch - stop 4


I enjoyed warm, restful, and most intellectual accommodations at my cousin-in-law's. I had only put in about 110 miles by the time I arrived, but they were some cold miles, dammit! It was an evening of hard cider, sushi, and cocktails from the bookshelf bar (with lots of conversation in-between).


So I followed a well-dressed college professor out the front door of an old York town home this morning, and into rejecting weather. After about 25 miles, I retired to a McDonald's - I know, I know, but do you know how warm it is in there?!

My rain gear is creating a puddle on the floor and I'm taking up a whole table with my stuff. Here's hoping the rain stops...


Last word - you have to pay for WiFi @ McD's? WTF?!

^ keyed into my iPod touch : )


Megan said...

Your blog is not kid-friendly. I'm going to email Addi and tell her to unsubscribe from your blog feed.

Daddio said...

I pretty surprised that you went ahead with the motorcycle what with the weather forecast, but how brave!!!
Surprised that you didn't have to pay for the heat!

Walk_n_wind said...

pay did the heat :) - I would have if I had to....I think Addi can handle my writing. She's cool like that.