Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Riding with a Touch - Wed morn

Just got up - my wife's Aunt and Uncle put me up last night. I slept in a Marmot sleeping bag I'm borrowing (thanks, professor), and I'll tell you what: these hardcore, mummy-style sleeping bags are AWEsome! They're warm, they pack tightly, they rule.

My hosts have 2 young boys, and I think I'm gonna follow them to school this morning. I was invited to, and I figure this is a good way to get the full local experience while waiting for the traffic to cool down.


It's not raining, I see a glimmer of sun light pushing through...I'm pretty hopeful for decent weather.

Last word: damn I'm getting fast @ typing on this thing!

^ keyed into my iPod touch : )


Anonymous said...

So fun to read Joey. LOVE YOU Mom

Avi said...

I remember you were hating on my ipod touch for the typing when I got it. Glad to see you found out it's not so bad w/ some practice. Did you get the new one w/ the speaker? Did you pay for the app store?

megan said...

Did you lose my sleeping bag or forget to pack it?

@avi: Joey's ipod touch does have a speaker.

Walk_n_wind said...

oh Megan :) I forgot to bring it. Avi, I don' t think the app store costs anymore...the 2.11? Firmware came with mine but maybe you have to still buy it?

Walk_n_wind said...

glad you like it, momma!