Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Keeping a remote machine (legally?)

My job has me traveling out to the West Coast an estimated once per quarter (no complaints). Being human (or maybe just being me?), I can't seem to look a good thing in the face and indulge. I've got to make it better! And how do you make it better?

Exactly, I want an arrangement where I have a motorcycle at my disposal each time I touch-down at LAX. There are a lot of reasons a motorcycle is desirable out there (even if only 4 times per year):

  • Great weather

  • Independence

  • Awesome canyon roads

And of course, the last item above is the real reason to incur the cost and inconvenience of keeping a machine out there. But my initial research leaves me with many questions...

  • Can I register a vehicle in California as a Virginia resident?

  • Where will I store it?

  • Which road should I try out first (still got that Mad Map, T?)

Legality and logistics represent the major challenge. Updates to follow...


Michael said...

not sure about registering it in california, but you should be able to register it in virginia, and simply carry the plates out with you. Where are you planning on storing this vehicle when you are not around? Is this cheaper than renting the four times per year? Are there any decent sport type motorcycle rental companies?

Walk_n_wind said...

The only problem with registering it in VA is that I'll never be able to keep the inspection up-to-date. Either way I'll have to open a new insurance policy for the bike since it will be garaged out-of-state (unless I lie!).

Storage is a problem...found a place that's about $70/mo. But there's still research to be done there.

sportbikerental.com has sportbikes, and Eagle Rider has some decent bikes as well, but at $150-$200 a day, it gets expensive fast...