Monday, March 12, 2012

Woodcraft rearsets

After the wind recently wrapped its gusty claw around my ZX6R and mercilessly slammed it to the ground, I was short one intact, brake-side rearset. I did some research, and determined that the best value for the dollar was a Woodcraft rearset kit. Goodbye brittle, candy-cane OEM rearset, hello billet 6061--T6 (what?) aluminum rearsets!

If you are willing to reuse your stock foot pedals (and if Enemy Wind didn't bustify them), you can bag the rearset kit for a bit over $200. That's not chump change, but good luck finding equivalent quality for the price. Also, I opted to buy a 2007 ZX6R kit for my 2006 because the 2007s are black (and go quite well with my ZX's black frame).

Cue dramatic image:


My two-ride review:

  1. Amazing price (if you re-use your stock pedals)
  2. Strong as hell
  3. Do not fold up like OEM pegs; so they double as frame sliders
  4. Gnarled peg has crazy grip
  5. Simple
  1. You can't try a different peg position without unbolting the rearset entirely
  2. Minimally adjustable
  3. Pegs are higher and more rear-set; Less comfortable
  4. No hookup for the brake light switch

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