Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gravity Storm

I received an e-mail from my neighbor while we were away. He kindly let me know that my ZX blew over in some heavy winds and was leaking gas. When I arrived home I dove right into CSI mode - looking over the impacted side of the bike for damage. Blinkers, foot peg, clip-on, mirror, body work...

First, a rear turn signal:
This is a PITA because the bodywork that the signal mounts to is cracked. I'll play some games with jbweld and/or super glue to see if I can fashion a fix without having to track down a used part.

Second, a brake lever mount (and really, the whole rearset):
This irked me the most. I mean sh*t, this OEM rearset snapped like peanut brittle. And shouldn't the foot peg have hit first? Why did the brake pedal even make contact with the asphalt? And it hit me a day later - the stock foot pegs always bend up for some odd reason. I'm thinking about grabbing a set of Woodcraft rearsets since a single, used OEM replacement is over $100 (and the Woodcraft basic kit is about $230).

And third, some minor body work:
Disappointing but minor.

The funny part of the story? The local fire department drove their truck on over to right the bike and spread some absorbant on the spilled gasoline. Wish I had a picture of that! *Sigh* - damn gravity storms. They don't give no warning signs...

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SonjaM said...

Bummer! Darn winds. The damage looks like the fire department truck actually drove over the bike.