Monday, February 6, 2012

Brand Loyalty Monday: Motus


Everyone who knows me knows I'm excited about Motus Motorcycles. What's not to be excited about? They are an American startup throwing caution to the wind with their ground-up designed sport tourer, the MST.

Their president, Lee Conn, is a slick guy I've had the pleasure of talking to twice, and he's clearly a rider who loves what he's doing and believes in their product. The videos and pictures of their progress over the last few years have been a blast to follow.

No, I will definitely not be able to afford their MST when it comes out this Spring. I'm pegging the cost of the machine at $30k, based on my complete lack of expertise on estimating low production motorcycle costs :) But does a V4 sport tourer with top-shelf components, hydraulic lifters, and easily-accessible valve covers sound good to me? You bet your damn leathers it does. Here's hoping a friend of mine buys one and lets me ride it!

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Fuzzy said...

It is exciting to to watch the story of Motus unfold. It'll be great to finally see the MST in person!