Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Using stuff up. Nothing like a track day to maximize your rate of consumption.


Some years I managed to squeeze in 3 track weekends, other years just one. But there used to be no question: the weekend before Thanksgiving we'd meet up at Carolina Motorsports Park with Sportbike Track Time's Southern division and tear up one seriously fast track.

But last year I missed that mark, so I've had the blues for a few months now, as I've gone more than a year without extreme go-stop. *sigh* - as my friend would say, "...first world problems." :)


For the few that follow my blog, I figured I should inform you on my recent posting storm. I found out through Fuzzygalore about a blogging challenge - post a picture each day for this month of February (which happens to have 29 days this year). I accepted the challenge, as did some other moto bloggers. Check 'em out!

1 comment:

Fuzzy said...

Maybe this will be one of those years that you manage to squeeze in 3 track weekends.

::crossing my fingers for you::