Friday, October 14, 2011

Inspiration in Gaithersburg

Motus Motorcycles made a stop in Gaithersburg, MD to show off their goods to a dealership and the local riders.  They did not disappoint!


Their MST and MST-R prototypes were gorgeous.  The fairings flow from the front of the bike toward its belly, where a massive ~1.6L V4 points its cylinder to the skies.  The framing of the valve covers is a pretty sexy example of form and function.  And the hardly-noticeable, tubular steel frame (and swingarm) hold together what amounts to a 500lb, 160hp monster that will put out gobs of torque at low RPMs.  Actually, there's probably nothing this bike can't do at low RPMs.

The seat, and frame at the point of the seat, is unbelievably narrow compared with most bikes I've straddled.  This makes for a very easy reach to the ground and even shorter riders will probably find this to be a very comfortable bike.


Motus's turn-around from inception to fruition has impressed the hell out of me - I remember not too long ago seeing the original napkin-style sketch of the bike.  And already they've got a few that apparently ride like a dream.  They expect to have these to market by the middle of 2012.  You know somethin'?  If money was no object, I'd by one and it'd be my street and track bike.


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