Monday, October 17, 2011

You can finally buy the SLS!

When I first got the ZX, I was not impressed with the luggage solutions available. Was I surprised? I mean, it's a super sport, not a tourer…

Anyway, one of the rays of hope I had discovered was the SLS mounting system by It was a neat semi-hard saddle bag system that mounted in place of the passenger foot pegs. They seemed pretty stylish and functional, so I followed them for many months until they delayed the product release so many times that I had lost hope.

But check it - they can now be had for a few select applications!

I still think it's a neat product, no doubt. A few positives that strike me:

  • Stylish
  • Expandable (can fit a helmet, but doesn't have to)
  • Good design - reusing a solid, load-bearing mount
But there are some negatives too:
  • Can't really lock them
  • Pricey
Unfortunately, the lack of security pretty much kills the deal for me. But the price is a serious detractor as well. I'm all for the ingenuity, and I hope they are really successful with these! Get people using those screaming inline 4's to get somewhere more than just the coffee shop! Congrats to The Cycle Guys for finally getting this one out the door!

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